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      Like every Ramadhan, Tanzeel Academy is planning to conduct Youth Taraweeh this upcoming Ramadan InshaAllah. If you have a Hafidh or Hafidha at your home, Please hit below buttons to see the details and the registration links.
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      Please join us in congratulating Ibrahim Akbar, Aaminah Sayed and Ahmed Bedri on completing their memorization. Special thanks to their teachers, parents and all those who are involved. They are our graduate number 110 through 112 respectively. Alhamdulillah!  Our Graduates
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      Part Time Hifdh

      Insha Allah Tanzeel Academy is planning to start the Part-Time Hifdh Program soon. Please submit this form if you are interested in enrolling your children. Please hit below button to see the details and the registration link.
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      Hifdh Retention Program

      Insha Allah Tanzeel Academy is conducting Hifdh Retention Program. Some of the Program Highlights include separate batches for boys and girls, a class size of 10, weekend timings, mentoring by Sheikh AbdelKarim etc. Admissions will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details and enrollment questions.

Youth Taraweeh 2018


NOTE: This is ONLY for huffadh who have completed whole Qur'an.


( By registering, participant and their parent/guardian agree to below rules.)

  • Daily Recitation Schedule and Assignments
  • • Taraweeh committee with one of the Tanzeel Advisory committee member and two parent volunteers will work closely with Sheikh Abdelkarim to form multiple groups of Huffadh based on the age and amount of memorization and assign the daily recitation for each participant
  • • The daily assignments will be final and participants will not be allowed to switch their parts
  • • Each group will pray lead 20 rakahs so as to give fair chance to everyone to recite
  • • Participants are required to stay for all 20 rakahs
  • • Group size will be decided based on number of Huffadh registered and would be on a first come first served basis
  • • This opportunity is open to any hafidh living in Irving, regardless of their school
  • • Huffadh who memorized the whole Quran are encouraged to recite 10 pages with a minimum of 6 pages on a daily basis
  • • Anyone absent for 3 days or more will be eliminated unless they are traveling out of state, are sick or have a valid excuse
  • Participant Expectations
  • • All participants must pray all 20 rakahs behind the imam, sitting in the back and talking will NOT be allowed
  • • No arguments or fighting allowed in the prayer room, violators will be eliminated from the Taraweeh program
  • • Everyone should come prepared with their assignment of the day. Also, it is advisable to prepare the parts of other participants so that they can correct in case imam makes a mistake or cover for someone in case of unplanned absences
  • • Tajweed rules must be followed and should recite with no mistakes
  • • To avoid distraction, participants are expected to prepare their assignments well before coming for Taraweeh, no one will be allowed to sit in the back and practice
  • • All participants are required to pray Ishaa in the main musalla behind the Imam and be in the assigned room as soon as Isha Salah is finished to pray Sunnah and to prepare for taraweeh
  • • Making more than 5 mistakes consecutively for 3 days would disqualify a participant from leading taraweeh
  • • No preparation or revision support in the back of the room would be allowed
  • Parent Expectations
  • • Parent must commit to participate in taraweeh along with their hafidh child every day
  • • Taraweeh committee will schedule two parents per day as administrators to stay and monitor for the whole 20 rakahs, in case of any conflicts, it’s the parent responsibility to find another parent as substitute
  • • The parents of the kids leading the Taraweeh should be praying behind their kids while they are leading
  • • Parents are expected to make sure their kids come prepared with their assignments to lead Salah
  • • Parents are requested to motivate their children to prepare their parts during the day and to avail the month of Ramadan
  • Administrator Expectations
  • • Parents volunteering as administrators for the day are responsible to track the number of mistakes each participant is making and communicate to the committee
  • • In case of any discipline issues, administrators are responsible to ask parents to take out bothering child from the prayer room

Aalim Program

Islamic Center of Irving is excited to announce the launch of “Aalim” program this fall insha Allah. This is a six year program for students fifteen and older who want to pursue higher education of Islamic Studies. Students will earn an Aalim Degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university. This program will be taught by some of the most qualified instructors including Imam Zia Shaik the current imam of the Islamic Center of Irving.

Aalim program will be rooted in the traditional teaching with the today’s students and societal needs in mind. As the Muslim community grows in the west, the need for locally trained Imams and scholars grows with it. Islamic Center of Irving has been a pioneer in serving the educational and enrichment needs to the of North Texas Muslim community, Aalim program will be another important step towards this noble journey.

We are accepting applications from prospective students to join this program. Seats are limited, please submit your information today to secure your seat.

Click Here To Register

Alhamdulillah at Tanzeel Academy, your donations would be used towards Quranic education.

  • To protect the book of Allah (Qur'an Memorization)
  • To teach basic Quran rules and recitation

Your Zakats could be used to sponsor the Quran education of kids who can't afford to pay tuition while other general donations would help us enhance and expand our programs.

Support Qur'anic Education and let your donations work for your aakhirah as a thawab jaariah.

Tanzeel Academy is the part a broader vision of the Islamic Center of Irving and Islamic School of Irving, and enjoys the distinct advantage of sharing the center’s facilities. This allows us to impart quality Quranic education within reach of everyone’s budget. We also provide limited Financial Aid to families meeting strict eligibility criteria.

 May Allah bless you and your family for your generosity, and multiply your rewards into manifolds


Apart from several achievements in recent years, below are some of our recent success stories:

1. Tanzeel Academy has recently started the Part-time Hifdh Program, which includes 20 boys and 20 girls memorizing the book of Allah every Monday to Thursday evenings, split into four batches of 10 students each. This was needed to fulfill the community demand, especially to provide an alternative to those who were not able to get into the full-time Hifdh program or to those who wanted to follow slower route to Quran memorization.

2. Hifdh Retention Program: To assist community Huffadh retain their memorization, Tanzeel Academy has started a new weekend Hifdh Retention program to help them revise and fix their memorization.

3. Youth Taraweeh: To prepare our Hufadh to lead Salah as well as to help them with their revisions, Tanzeel Academy has organized Youth Taraweeh in multiple small groups. The young Hufadh lead 20 Rakahs daily with over 25 youth and adults praying behind them. We opened this khair to ALL the Huffadh in ICI community, irrespective of their Hifdh School. Alhamdulillah each of these groups completed reciting the Quran on 20th night.

Your donations will help us take this program to next level InshaAllah.

Admission Policy

Alhamdulillah, Tanzeel Academy’s full-time hifdh program is one of the top programs in country. Due to overwhelming demand, we follow the below guidelines to test and select the students for the full time program.  Depending upon the number of open seats each year, we select students through a rigorous four weeks Hifdh Pass program. During the  Hifdh Pass, students will be trained and evaluated extensively for their memorization, retention skills and behavior. Top performers in the hifdh pass are finally selected to attend the three year full-time program at the beginning of each academic year.

Hifdh Pass Screening Guidelines

·       The screening for Hifdh Pass is conducted during summer.

·       Actual date and location of screening will be announced through multiple communication channels including but not limited to parents emails, newsletters, ISI PTO emails, ICI and ISI family and friends WhatsApp groups and announcements after Salat at ICI etc.

·       Applicants are required to register on-line, a link will be provided in the communications and it will also be available on our website during the screening enrollment period.

·       Each applicant must be at least seven (preferably eight) years old and less than fifteen years on the day of first day of school.

·       The applicants must be reasonably fluent in reciting the Holy Quran from any place in the Mushaf, by applying the Tajweed rules. Knowing the Tajweed rules will be an added advantage.

·       Parents who are travelling out of state or reside out of the DFW Metro can request their child to be screened on skype or video conference.  In order to make this arrangement, please make your request at the time of completing the enrollment form.

·       The Uthmani and Indo-Pak script Mushaf will be available for screening; the applicants can bring their own Mushaf for screening if preferred.

·       Age based exception will be made to applicants with exceptional quality who are below seven years or older than 15 years. The exceptional quality will be measured based on the number of Juz memorized prior to screening, fluency of reciting the Holy Quran, discipline, maturity, dedication, commitment and passion to memorize the Holy Quran.

·       Hifdh pass screening exception will be made to Qualified Tanzeel Part-time Hifdh and after school program students based on their ongoing performance and teachers feedback.

·       A minimum of 20% of Hifdh Pass admission will be allocated to the qualified children of ICI members who meet the above criteria.

·       The students selected for Hifdh Pass are generally announced within two to three weeks of screening.

Hifdh Pass Guidelines and Hifdh Program Selection Criteria

·       Hifth pass will be conducted during the summer for four weeks

·       Tanzeel Hifdh Director/administrator will assign the Surahs to be memorized during the Hifdh pass. In case of the student already memorized that particular surah(s), he/she will be assigned different Surahs.

·       During the four weeks period, students will be tested on the following criteria: fluency and quality of recitation of the Holy Quran, the ability of memorizing the Holy Quran by his/her own in the classroom and at home and the ability of retaining the memorized assignments. In addition, students are expected to have commitment and passion to memorize the Holy Quran.

·       During the Hifdh pass students are observed for discipline, obedience, following rules, responsibility and maturity level.

·       Students are expected to be able to focus in the class for long period of time, without being distracted; normally 2 - 3 hours focused reading during the class is expected.

·       Student’s performance will be recorded and monitored in the daily tracking sheet.

·       The number of students to be selected will depend on the number of vacancies available for the following academic year.

·       If your child is accepted in the Hifdh pass, you will receive an email from Tanzeel Administrator with instructions to complete the enrollment process. The parents must enroll their students before the deadline mentioned in the communication, failure to enroll before the deadline will result in losing their seat to next qualified student in line.

·       Enrollment deadline extension will be considered for parents travelling out of country or travelling due to family emergencies, they must communicate in writing to the Tanzeel and ISI administration.

·       Qualified Tanzeel Academy Part-time Hifdh students who would like to transfer to the Full-time program will be exempted from attending Hifdh Pass.

·       Transferring students from local and out of state Hifdh programs during the Hifdh Pass period will go through the same process as other students and they are expected to perform well and have a better chance of getting accepted into the program.

·       Transferring students can apply anytime during the academic year, they will be accepted based on the following criteria and availability of the spots:

·       Amount and quality of memorization

·       Recommendations from previous school and teachers

·       Screening and testing in the classroom setting at Tanzeel Academy for specific period of time decided by Tanzeel Administration

·       The admission to the Full-time program will be based purely on the qualification of students, NO RECOMMENDATIONS or INFLUENCE from community leaders or volunteers will be considered for admission.

·       The evaluation for admissions will be done by highly qualified Tanzeel Administrators and the decisions made are Final, the students not selected are welcome to apply the following year.

Hifdh Pass 2018

In Sha Allah, Tanzeel Academy will begin thirteenth year of full time Hifdh program this coming academic year. Each year, we have limited seats for boys and girls based on number of students graduating out of our existing batches vacating seats. Admission to our full time program is through a 4-week long Hifdh pass program. Only a certain number of students will qualify for vacant seats based on their performance throughout the Hifdh pass. Purpose of your child's participation in this program is to enable him/her to get acquainted with the atmosphere of memorization of the Holy Quran. To qualify for the Hifdh Pass, students must be at least 7 years old by the screening date and be able to fluently read the Quran properly, applying the rule of tajweed by looking in the Mushaf.

Qualification Tests for admission to the 4-week Hifdh Pass program will be conduction on :

  • Saturday March 31st 2018 between 10:30am and 1:30pm



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