Alhamdulillah at Tanzeel Academy, your donations would be used towards Quranic education.

  • To protect the book of Allah (Qur'an Memorization)
  • To teach basic Quran rules and recitation

Your Zakats could be used to sponsor the Quran education of kids who can't afford to pay tuition while other general donations would help us enhance and expand our programs.

Support Qur'anic Education and let your donations work for your aakhirah as a thawab jaariah.

Tanzeel Academy is the part a broader vision of the Islamic Center of Irving and Islamic School of Irving, and enjoys the distinct advantage of sharing the center’s facilities. This allows us to impart quality Quranic education within reach of everyone’s budget. We also provide limited Financial Aid to families meeting strict eligibility criteria.

 May Allah bless you and your family for your generosity, and multiply your rewards into manifolds


Apart from several achievements in recent years, below are some of our recent success stories:

1. Tanzeel Academy has recently started the Part-time Hifdh Program, which includes 20 boys and 20 girls memorizing the book of Allah every Monday to Thursday evenings, split into four batches of 10 students each. This was needed to fulfill the community demand, especially to provide an alternative to those who were not able to get into the full-time Hifdh program or to those who wanted to follow slower route to Quran memorization.

2. Hifdh Retention Program: To assist community Huffadh retain their memorization, Tanzeel Academy has started a new weekend Hifdh Retention program to help them revise and fix their memorization.

3. Youth Taraweeh: To prepare our Hufadh to lead Salah as well as to help them with their revisions, Tanzeel Academy has organized Youth Taraweeh in multiple small groups. The young Hufadh lead 20 Rakahs daily with over 25 youth and adults praying behind them. We opened this khair to ALL the Huffadh in ICI community, irrespective of their Hifdh School. Alhamdulillah each of these groups completed reciting the Quran on 20th night.

Your donations will help us take this program to next level InshaAllah.




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