Hafidh Adeel Sajid

Hafidh Adeel Sajid is our own Hafidh #5 who graduated from our program.

Hafiz Adeel Sajid has been part of the Islamic School of Irving (ISI) since the first grade. He joined the full-time Hifz Program in 2006, and by the age of 14 in 2008, completed the memorization of the entire Quran under the supervision of Sheikh Abdelkarim Edghouch. Afterwards, he went on to complete high school and in 2012, graduated from ISI with distinguished achievements, in addition to an associate’s degree from North Lake College. Currently, he is a student at the University of Texas at Arlington and intends to pursue a career in medicine, as well as in Islamic Sciences.

He is also a part-time teacher at Tanzeel Academy, where his focus is in the Nadhira (Part time Qur'an learning) program. In addition, he serves as an assistant to Sheikh Abdelkarim in the yearly Summer Hifdh-Pass. He is also one of the judges for the annual Quran competition at the Islamic Center of Irving (ICI). He has participated in many local Quran and Azan competitions and ranked first place in most of them. Often times, he leads prayers at ICI and has been actively leading taraweeh since 2008. He is fluent in English, Urdu, and is currently learning Arabic.




2555 Esters Rd
Irving, TX 75062
Br Mustafa @ 2145296111 or Br Maqdoom @ 2147352292
or email Mustafa.Albar@islamicschoolofirving.org