Youth Taraweeh 2018


NOTE: This is ONLY for huffadh who have completed whole Qur'an.


( By registering, participant and their parent/guardian agree to below rules.)

  • Daily Recitation Schedule and Assignments
  • • Taraweeh committee with one of the Tanzeel Advisory committee member and two parent volunteers will work closely with Sheikh Abdelkarim to form multiple groups of Huffadh based on the age and amount of memorization and assign the daily recitation for each participant
  • • The daily assignments will be final and participants will not be allowed to switch their parts
  • • Each group will pray lead 20 rakahs so as to give fair chance to everyone to recite
  • • Participants are required to stay for all 20 rakahs
  • • Group size will be decided based on number of Huffadh registered and would be on a first come first served basis
  • • This opportunity is open to any hafidh living in Irving, regardless of their school
  • • Huffadh who memorized the whole Quran are encouraged to recite 10 pages with a minimum of 6 pages on a daily basis
  • • Anyone absent for 3 days or more will be eliminated unless they are traveling out of state, are sick or have a valid excuse
  • Participant Expectations
  • • All participants must pray all 20 rakahs behind the imam, sitting in the back and talking will NOT be allowed
  • • No arguments or fighting allowed in the prayer room, violators will be eliminated from the Taraweeh program
  • • Everyone should come prepared with their assignment of the day. Also, it is advisable to prepare the parts of other participants so that they can correct in case imam makes a mistake or cover for someone in case of unplanned absences
  • • Tajweed rules must be followed and should recite with no mistakes
  • • To avoid distraction, participants are expected to prepare their assignments well before coming for Taraweeh, no one will be allowed to sit in the back and practice
  • • All participants are required to pray Ishaa in the main musalla behind the Imam and be in the assigned room as soon as Isha Salah is finished to pray Sunnah and to prepare for taraweeh
  • • Making more than 5 mistakes consecutively for 3 days would disqualify a participant from leading taraweeh
  • • No preparation or revision support in the back of the room would be allowed
  • Parent Expectations
  • • Parent must commit to participate in taraweeh along with their hafidh child every day
  • • Taraweeh committee will schedule two parents per day as administrators to stay and monitor for the whole 20 rakahs, in case of any conflicts, it’s the parent responsibility to find another parent as substitute
  • • The parents of the kids leading the Taraweeh should be praying behind their kids while they are leading
  • • Parents are expected to make sure their kids come prepared with their assignments to lead Salah
  • • Parents are requested to motivate their children to prepare their parts during the day and to avail the month of Ramadan
  • Administrator Expectations
  • • Parents volunteering as administrators for the day are responsible to track the number of mistakes each participant is making and communicate to the committee
  • • In case of any discipline issues, administrators are responsible to ask parents to take out bothering child from the prayer room



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