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This course is for the students who aspire to memorize the book of Allah and become Huffadh. This course enables each student to go through all the methodologies that are required to memorize the Quran and then retain it after the Hifdh is completed. The course is being taught by well qualified and experienced staff. Each day of instructional time starts with morning assembly where students recite morning adhkaar and are inspired by their teachers through short talks. First session of the class starts with new lesson wherein each student will recite their lesson for the day that ranges from less than a page to two pages. There is a set duration wherein students review 10 pages of their previous lesson before they go on to do revision cycle of their already memorized chapters of the Quran which is at least one chapter that goes in cycle. There's a time provided for the students to memorize new verses. Completion of Hifdh depends on various factors including the effort that each individual student and their parents show towards memorization.

Alhamdulillah, in recent years,  demand for hifdh programs have increased manifold within the Muslim community in the Dallas area. With limited resources available at Tanzeel Academy, it becomes a challenge for us to accommodate everyone. However, looking at the demand, we have tried our best to expand from two batches a couple of years ago to five batches as of today with approximately 60 students memorizing book of Allah on daily basis. Insh'aAllah we intend to keep serving the demands of the community provided we have spaces available and our construction finishout creates some space for us.

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To be fair in our selection process, we conduct a four week long intensive Hifdh Pass program where we test every child's habit of memorization and retention. Your child's participation in this program will enable him/her to get acquainted with the atmosphere of memorization. To participate in the Hifdh Pass, a child must be at least 7 years old at the time of screening test and be able to fluently read Quran properly by looking in the Mushaf. This four week Hifdh Pass is usually conducted around June/July timeframe. During these four weeks, students will be tested for their ability to memorize on their own, their quality of recitation, aptitude and behavior etc. In addition, parents’ cooperation and commitment will also be considered. After the completion of the Hifdh Pass, top performers will qualify for the Full Time Hifdh program.

Because we have a large number of registrants for the Hifdh pass program, sometimes exceeding 100, we conduct a pre-qualification test that's needed to screen the recitation fluency of the child and the required age criteria. This is the very first step towards Hifdh pass. Many students who do not meet the age criteria or are not fluent in recitation are filtered out, encouraging them to prepare better for next year.

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Director of Hifdh
Joined 2006
Mustafa Albar
Director, Tanzeel Academy
Joined Feb 2013
Maqdoom Saiyad
Adminstrative Assistant
Joined 2009

Hifz Instructor
Joined Aug 2015

Hifz Instructor
Joined July 2012




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